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Communication, attention to detail and high quality finishes are the most important factors we bring into each design project.

At Greysand we’re passionate about enhancing our clients lives and businesses through intelligent creative design. 

The mission of Greysand designs is to create interiors that are functional, warm and inviting. Our designs reflect from how people experience and operate from each individual environment. We are influenced by the way people and businesses adapt and grow in a modern environment We also take into account as to how  lifestyles, businesses and tastes change over time.

Our goal is to use creative interior design in the home, business and learning environment. With a goal for each project to increase well-being, functionality and productivity.


interior design nowra and ulludulla

how we operate

We believe that the best results are achieved when an interior designer and client work and collaborate  together. As a result, the process is an enjoyable rewarding experience for both the client and designer. 

The clients ideas and plans are given the upmost priority from the start of the project, until the final result. We manage each project from the preliminary consultation through to the finishing touches with a team of highly skilled craftsmen and women.

We have a professional team of partners that can assist when required including; engineers, architects, licensed subcontractors, lighting designers and project managers.

What we do best is to provide a  personalised tailored service to our clientele. Ensuring that we pay particular attention to your current and envisioned lifestyle. Ensuring our design concepts meet your individual and corporate requirements. 


interior design nowra and ulludulla

create your individual style

To influence the our clientele we like to deliver a variety  of styles, designs and colours through a personalised concept board. 

Our belief is that working together on the decision making process ensure the final result is a true reflection of your taste, lifestyle and personality. 

Whether you plan to revamp of your current home into a warm elegant retreat, or create your dream interior and design with a luxurious finish.  We can work with you to bring those creative ideas to life.

All of your design goals and inspirations can be developed together with our creative mind set and professional approach.

let’s work together to create a beautiful customised design plan that will impress your friends and enrich your families life style. 


Services we provide

Interior design

Colour conception

Greysand can create a beautiful colour palette for the interior or exterior of your building. Whether you’re building new, renovating or just wanting to freshen up a couple of rooms, we can create a colour scheme to suit your taste and vision. 

We strongly recommend speaking with a colour consultant before you make any expensive decisions. It will save you time and money in the long term if we create a colour scheme to match your fabrics, furniture, accessories and paint colours before the project starts. This way we can combine the key colours to create a palette that will display your style and personality. 

interior design colour sceme


Do you ever feel like your house is outdated? Or need to utilize the space and light more efficiently?

It’s common to feel like your house or business doesn’t match your style and lifestyle anymore. If so, a renovation with a tailor made interior design can bring fresh feeling to your life or business. Not to forget, renovations are one of the best strategies to add value to your property.

We have a licensed team of professional sub-contractors ready to produce high end workmanship in your next home renovation.

From renovating your kitchen and bathrooms, updating interior paint, replacing flooring, adding custom joinery and cabinets or adding outdoor living ares, Greysand have the skills and experience to deliver results.

All our sub-contractors are insured and licensed. We differentiate ourselves by providing a range of trade services to ensure each project runs as smoothly and stress free as possible. 

Contact us today for a complimentary design and renovation meeting.

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